2023.11.26 exhibition

We will be holding an exhibition of risographs and illustrations by illustrator Genie Ink. 41 risographs and the works included in the art book “Glass Heart” published this year will be exhibited all at once.

At the exhibition venue, the risograph process and risograph color charts will be on display, as well as advice on creating risograph images and lithography samples.


Genie Ink’s A5 size risograph series started during the pandemic.
The world contained in a small frame expresses her distant memories and the scenery left in the back of her mind in gentle pastel colors and vivid neon colors, like a story.

This print is made with four layers of ink using a printing method called risograph, and the risographs featured here were created in Toronto, Tokyo, and Los Angeles.

For the past three years, Jeannie has continued to challenge himself every day to create illustrations with a story-telling quality through lithographic printing. This series, now in its fourth year, has already produced over 30 works.



The body is something that moves, evolves, and mutates. This is a story about a girl with mysterious powers, with the theme of reincarnation.

This series, which started in 2020, depicts “girlhood” and “hope” using ink and digital painting. The Glassheart series was completed in collaboration with Knuckles & Notch, a lithography studio in Singapore.
The 15 works, created using a complex process such as using six colors of bright neon litho ink, will be published as a limited edition lithograph art book and will debut at the Singapore Art Book Fair 2023.
You can also see it on Genie’s book tour, which started this summer.




★Opening Party & Tea Ceremony Event★
An opening reception and tea ceremony will be held from 4:00 pm on Saturday, November 4th by Los Angeles-based contemporary artist and tea ceremony master A Blue Don Juan. I will. Matcha tea and light snacks will be provided to participants.
The tea ceremony will be held from 16:00 to 17:00. Afterwards, we will hold an opening party until 19:00.


<Genie Ink>
Genie Ink is an artist currently active in Tokyo. After graduating from Sheridan College in Canada, he participated in various projects as an illustrator and art director. He provides illustrations for album covers, branding, character design, and environmental design projects. Her works are characterized by fantastic stories and harmonious colors, and her lithographic techniques are highly praised and popular around the world.

Gennie Ink is active on all social media as @genniieeee.