Hana Koketsu “Morning”

2023.11.26 exhibition


“Morning” by Hana Koketsu
September 8th ~ September 25th

It’s a strange feeling that feels nostalgic, refreshing, and makes you want to cry. A universal paradise that only exists in your imagination. The scene before the dream melts from behind the eyelids. Artist Hana Koketsu’s first solo exhibition will be held at Such As Gallery.

<Message from the artist>

“I create art using a variety of materials, mainly paintings.The images I create express the intuitive and beautiful emotions I get from the world of music and dreams.Emotions that cannot be seen by others. My art embodies this, transcending physical reality and representing the core of my reality and essence.”

Hana Koketsu
Born in Japan in 2001, lives in New York. She is a student at Pratt Institute of Art.
She is studying 3D animation. Among her many hobbies, one thing that remains consistent is listening to music and learning various methods to create works.

“I make art in various mediums, but mainly painting. The imagery in my mind has always been heavily intertwined with the world of music and dreams. I experience visceral and beautiful emotions through these dreams and music. It’s hard to find words to describe this state, so my art expresses these real experiences. The places I try to reflect are a core part of my reality and identity that exists beyond physical reality.”

Hana Koketsu
Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, in 2001. Currently a student at Pratt Institute of Art in New York City. Her two most consistent hobbies are listening to music and learning new art-making skills.