“What’s Done is Done” BON-NOU Exhibition

2023.07.05 exhibition

This exhibition showcases a collection of three-dimensional ceramic works titled “Object.” Created in 2021, each piece shares the same name and explores the concept of existing as an object.

Reducing a familiar concept or image to its basic form can exist indefinitely as an object. Although it is just a thing, humans tend to develop an emotional attachment to objects and cherish them dearly. When an object is damaged, even if it can be fixed, there will always be a part of it that is lost forever.

Artist Profile
BON-NOU, the artist behind this exhibit, aims to provoke thought about this sense of loss and where it leads. Born in 1990 and based in Tokyo, BON-NOU has been actively creating since 2018. While his methods of expression have evolved from photography to illustration, painting, and sculpture, his work always serves as a “tool for thinking” about the end of the world.