Lugosis “I AM LUGO”

2023.11.26 exhibition

2023/11/18 (Sat) ~ 12/4 (Mon)

We are holding an exhibition by Italian artist Lugosis! This exhibition will feature new monochrome works depicting the daily chaos of his original character “Lugo” and his friends.

We are planning an opening party on November 18th (Saturday), so please come and visit us⭐︎Opening Party November 18th, 2023 (Saturday)

Lugosis Instagram: @LUGOSIS

Such As, Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of the world-renowned Italian artist Lugosis! This exhibition will introduce the world and stories of “Lugo” and his friends, a roster of characters Lugosis has created throughout his artistic practice. Please
join us for the opening party on Saturday the 18th!

OPENING PARTY: 2023/ 11/18 (Sat) 18:00-21:00



We will be holding an exhibition of risographs and illustrations by illustrator Genie Ink. 41 risographs and the works included in the art book “Glass Heart” published this year will be exhibited all at once.

At the exhibition venue, the risograph process and risograph color charts will be on display, as well as advice on creating risograph images and lithography samples.


Genie Ink’s A5 size risograph series started during the pandemic.
The world contained in a small frame expresses her distant memories and the scenery left in the back of her mind in gentle pastel colors and vivid neon colors, like a story.

This print is made with four layers of ink using a printing method called risograph, and the risographs featured here were created in Toronto, Tokyo, and Los Angeles.

For the past three years, Jeannie has continued to challenge himself every day to create illustrations with a story-telling quality through lithographic printing. This series, now in its fourth year, has already produced over 30 works.



The body is something that moves, evolves, and mutates. This is a story about a girl with mysterious powers, with the theme of reincarnation.

This series, which started in 2020, depicts “girlhood” and “hope” using ink and digital painting. The Glassheart series was completed in collaboration with Knuckles & Notch, a lithography studio in Singapore.
The 15 works, created using a complex process such as using six colors of bright neon litho ink, will be published as a limited edition lithograph art book and will debut at the Singapore Art Book Fair 2023.
You can also see it on Genie’s book tour, which started this summer.




★Opening Party & Tea Ceremony Event★
An opening reception and tea ceremony will be held from 4:00 pm on Saturday, November 4th by Los Angeles-based contemporary artist and tea ceremony master A Blue Don Juan. I will. Matcha tea and light snacks will be provided to participants.
The tea ceremony will be held from 16:00 to 17:00. Afterwards, we will hold an opening party until 19:00.


<Genie Ink>
Genie Ink is an artist currently active in Tokyo. After graduating from Sheridan College in Canada, he participated in various projects as an illustrator and art director. He provides illustrations for album covers, branding, character design, and environmental design projects. Her works are characterized by fantastic stories and harmonious colors, and her lithographic techniques are highly praised and popular around the world.

Gennie Ink is active on all social media as @genniieeee.

Risa Niwano “Earthlings”



October 13th (Thur.) ~ October 23rd (Mon)

Before skin color or ideology, we are Earthlings, right? The driving force behind my creations is my dismay at the various things happening in the world and everyday life. It’s shockingly adorable. Please accept my own interpretations of the works I drew with this feeling in mind.


<Profile> Lisa Niwano


Illustrator born in 1995 and living in Japan. Her appeal is her collage-like pop style, which gives the feeling of a hidden story, with the theme of “blank space for interpretation.” He has created artwork for music-related jackets and merchandise.


Instagram : @risarisa1123



“IFUKU PLANTS” is a series in which illustrator Kazuhiko Ifuku draws imaginary plants in a different style from his usual style.

In this exhibition, works that are usually created digitally will be exhibited and sold as hand-drawn original works.
Please enjoy the world view lined up with POP plants drawn in colorful colors and curves.

We will also be holding a fashionable portrait order event during the period, so please come and join us!
================================================== ================
Ifuku Kazuhiko
Born in Fukuoka Prefecture.
As an illustrator, he works in a wide range of media, mainly advertising, packaging, and apparel.
Main clients include Star Flyer, JR Kyushu, New Balance, Converse,
These include FRED PERRY, TSUTAYA, Sony Music, and Hoshino Resorts.
In addition, the miscellaneous goods store “ASOKO” collaborated with Ultraman, Doraemon, Sanrio, etc.
Goods were released and became a hot topic.
Instagram: @ifuku_plants
================================================== ================

Hana Koketsu “Morning”



“Morning” by Hana Koketsu
September 8th ~ September 25th

It’s a strange feeling that feels nostalgic, refreshing, and makes you want to cry. A universal paradise that only exists in your imagination. The scene before the dream melts from behind the eyelids. Artist Hana Koketsu’s first solo exhibition will be held at Such As Gallery.

<Message from the artist>

“I create art using a variety of materials, mainly paintings.The images I create express the intuitive and beautiful emotions I get from the world of music and dreams.Emotions that cannot be seen by others. My art embodies this, transcending physical reality and representing the core of my reality and essence.”

Hana Koketsu
Born in Japan in 2001, lives in New York. She is a student at Pratt Institute of Art.
She is studying 3D animation. Among her many hobbies, one thing that remains consistent is listening to music and learning various methods to create works.

“I make art in various mediums, but mainly painting. The imagery in my mind has always been heavily intertwined with the world of music and dreams. I experience visceral and beautiful emotions through these dreams and music. It’s hard to find words to describe this state, so my art expresses these real experiences. The places I try to reflect are a core part of my reality and identity that exists beyond physical reality.”

Hana Koketsu
Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, in 2001. Currently a student at Pratt Institute of Art in New York City. Her two most consistent hobbies are listening to music and learning new art-making skills.




August 25th (Thu) ~ September 4th (Mon)

I have always admired the “spirit of steel”. I wish her heart was as hard as iron, repelling all attacks and shining with a dull glare. However, in reality, this is not the case; it is so soft that it seems like it could burst at any moment. I would like them to at least provide me with armor. I want to harden the outside firmly. With this in mind, we are exhibiting works with the theme of knights in armor.

Born in Osaka in 1997, lives in Tokyo. He produces illustrations, figures, etc. with the theme of “confronting different cultures.” His client work includes goods design and book illustrations.

Sometimes I wish I had a heart as strong as steel, able to withstand any blow and shining with unwavering radiance. That isn’t my case, of course. My soul is too delicate and vulnerable, and it doesn’t take much to start falling apart. It would be great if the government considered providing armor subsidies. This exhibition, “Nito,” reflects on the longing for increased protection, inspired by the idea of ​​knights in shining armor.

Born in Osaka in 1997, and now based in Tokyo. NOY’s art revolves around “Confronting Different Cultures,” which influences his work in various mediums such as illustrations and figures. He has worked with clients for goods design and book illustrations.

“What’s Done is Done” BON-NOU Exhibition

2023.07.05 exhibition

This exhibition showcases a collection of three-dimensional ceramic works titled “Object.” Created in 2021, each piece shares the same name and explores the concept of existing as an object.

Reducing a familiar concept or image to its basic form can exist indefinitely as an object. Although it is just a thing, humans tend to develop an emotional attachment to objects and cherish them dearly. When an object is damaged, even if it can be fixed, there will always be a part of it that is lost forever.

Artist Profile
BON-NOU, the artist behind this exhibit, aims to provoke thought about this sense of loss and where it leads. Born in 1990 and based in Tokyo, BON-NOU has been actively creating since 2018. While his methods of expression have evolved from photography to illustration, painting, and sculpture, his work always serves as a “tool for thinking” about the end of the world.


“VISION” Jeffrey Fulvimari Exhibition

2023.06.30 exhibition


Jeffrey Fulvimari Exhibition
Such As Gallery
2-27-10 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 155-0031
Thursday, July 13 – Sunday, July 23 (last day until 17:00)

We are pleased to present an exhibition of “Jeffrey Fulvimari,” who has been active at the forefront as an illustrator since the 1990s.

In this exhibition, Jeffrey will show paintings from his archival collections from his past exhibitions, all in one place. His works represent the illustration scene of the 90s, condensed with his humor and individuality.
The images of women he continues to draw are always fresh and iconic of their times while at the same time possessing a one-of-a-kind appeal that trends can’t bind.
His past and present “visions” are expressed through various portraits of women.

Jeffrey Fulvimari
He was born in Ohio, USA. From an early age, he excelled at drawing and aspired to pursue an art career.

He received his Bachelor’s degree from the prestigious university Cooper Union, where he majored in photography, video, and conceptual art.
In 1993, he came to prominence as an illustrator through his work in advertisements for Barneys New York and the American magazine “Interview.”

His career in Japan began in earnest with an exhibition at Parco Gallery in Tokyo in 1998.
He gained popularity for his advertisements for Sunstar Ora2.
He also illustrated English Roses, a picture book published by the singer Madonna, which was highly rated.

Now his works are seen all over the world,
He has moved from New York, where he has lived for a long time, to Woodstock, USA, surrounded by trees and his dog.

Dakawaiidolls Exhibition ~FIKA DOCKA~

2023.06.02 exhibition

Come and join us at the Dakawaiidolls Exhibition featuring the works of custom Blythe doll artist Dakawaiidolls, presented by Such As Gallery.

The exhibition is centered around the theme of “Fika,” a Scandinavian term for tea time, where friends and colleagues can bond over a peaceful conversation. The exhibition showcases custom Blythe dolls and their clothes and accessories, all available for purchase. Come and experience the serene ambiance as you immerse yourself in a perfect fika time with Blythe at the venue. Take advantage of this beautiful opportunity to add these exquisite dolls to your collection. The exhibition ends on July 9th, so visit before 5 PM on the last day.




2023.05.20 exhibition


May 25th, 2023 (Thurs.) ~ June 18th, 2023 (Sun.)

RECEPTION: May 26th (Fri.) 16:00~20:00

Address: 2-27-10 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 155-0031

Guest Artists:Sun_Chome (@sun_chome)、 Domz (@domz)、 Ishibashi Yumi (@yumi_1484)

Walter Parenton, is based in Fort Worth, TX.

fka BoyGraphics, aka GoodBoyGraphics, aka Graphix Slayer aka Lord of Graphix- he has taken on many form and styles, and who knows what his following form will be next.

Collaborating with musicians such as AG Cook of PC Music, Dorian Electra, Umru, Sam Rolfes and G-Jones- the music heavily influences his graphic style and continues to bring his unique vision of nostalgia from the future to today.

I invited Sun_Chome (@sun_chome), Domz (@domz), and Yumi (@yumi_1484) to guest at my first solo show, as they share a similar vibe and have even inspired me!

They are the next artists of the new art era to come!